Who we are

Education has become increasingly alienated from the livelihood and survival needs of people, particularly the marginalized. At Anandadhara-Kajkendra we developed a programme that could act as a bridge between the children and adults, creating a positive environment for education as an instrument for social change through linking it with employability and good citizenship.

Welcome to Anandadhara

Anandadhara is a charitable organization registered under the Societies Act. Anandadhara provides after school tuition to underprivileged school dropouts and enable them to complete school through continuing education opportunities. Tuition is provided in Anandadhara’s own classrooms, classrooms of partner schools and through online interactive classrooms.

Welcome to Kajkendra

KajKendra is a nonprofit company registered under section 25 of the Companies Act. Kajkendra assists socially and economically excluded youth in developing basic and advanced ‘employability skills’ essential to long-term attachment to labour market. In addition, KajKendra undertakes Data Entry projects at its facility in Kolkata employing underprivileged youth trained by them under supervision of professional managers.