All about Anandadhara and Kaj Kendra

Anandadhara and KajKendra are two closely linked entities with clear and distinctive objectives and yet mutually dependent.

Anandadhara is a charitable trust whose primary focus is education of school drop outs from disadvantaged section of society. Anandadhara aims to bring the students in its charge to a level where they can obtain school leaving certificates through the open school system. To achieve this Anandadhara provides tuition to these students at its centers in Math, English and other core subjects so that in a relatively short time these students can successfully obtain school leaving certificates.

KajKendra is a section 25 nonprofit company. KajKendra, as the name suggests, is a place of work. At KajKendra older students of Anandadhara are taught vocational skills such as computer data entry, cell phone repair, appliance repair, etc. KajKendra works as a vendor to companies that require these services and employs the students of Anandadhara who have acquired these skills. The proceeds from KajKendra go back to its student employees to help them lead a dignified life and the balance goes back to Anandadhara to support its educational activities.

  • Our Philosophy

    We believe that education is the bed rock on which a meaningful, dignified and prosperous human life is built. Education also enables a harmonious, peace loving and healthy society. It is our goal to provide the bed rock of education to as many children as we can and help those children build a meaningful life upon that bed rock.

  • Method of our Operation

    Any activity that aims to be scalable, has to be self-sustaining. The symbiotic relationship between Anandadhara and KajKendra is a manifestation of a self sustaining process. We hope that by adopting this method of operation we will be able to scale our operation while at the same time reduce our need for donations.

  • Management

    Prabir Basu, Co-founder:- An alumnus of Calcutta University, Prabir has worked with NGOs for over 30 years and also founded SPAN, a 20 year old NGO working in child empowerment. Prabir looks after the day-to-day operation of Anandadhara and KajKendra.

    Sanjoy Dey, Co-founder:- An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and IIM Ahmedabad, Sanjoy has been working in the technology industry for the last 25 years both in India and USA. He looks after the technology aspects of KajKendra and also its corporate relationships.